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Frequently Asked Questions:
Where did the site go? Why did it take so long to come back?
The script that runs things was taking up too many resources on the already overloaded Binrev server. Each time the page was loaded, the script had to download and parse tons of feeds to completely regenerate the page. HackerMedia was taken offline for awhile and is now back serving out a pre-generated page thanks to the magic of cron jobs.

What is HackerMedia?
A showcase of audio and video for hackers/techies/geeks/whatever. When a new episode of something comes up it automagically pops up here. This normally works out to hours of content for you to discover and enjoy every day.

What happened to the old HackerMedia?
This site started out in the glory days before podcasting. People who had shows would manually log in and post an update when they released a new episode. This sounds fine in theory but in reality it was another tedious part in running a radio show and many of the bigger shows either didn't care or didn't have the time to do. Also an admin had to be in the background making sure Wordpress didn't explode and people were keeping the site up to date. Now with RSS feeds HackerMedia runs on auto pilot with very little day-to-day upkeep.

How do I submit new shows for the site?
Contact us from the contact page. We accept a large variety of shows related to hacking/phreaking/tech but feel free to submit your show for review if you're not completely sure. Please note that the show needs an RSS feed of the episodes, or else they will not be listed.

Who do I complain to?
Contact us from the contact page, please have a good complaint. Pointless complaints will be posted.

What is the deal with the subdomains, why is a TWAT Radio episode about linux on the windows subdomain?
When we add a feed it is tagged with its most common attributes. These tags are used to generate the subdomains.

Why does a newly added show fill up the front page?
The front page shows the latest 20 shows added to the database. If we add a new show to HackerMedia, and there are 10 items in its RSS feed, then those 10 items will be in the latest 20 shows until something replaces them. This may sound like a bug, but its really a feature. This enables us to give some attention to newly added shows.

How do I move my show higher on the list on the sides
That is set the way it is, the longer running shows will move to the top, and the new shows are added at the bottom. All commercial shows will always be at the bottom of the list. While they may be imformative, we would rather show off community driven shows.

Isn't this site just a web based RSS aggregator?
Yes, it is. But it is an aggregator that has already been filled up with cool feeds. Also all these feeds wont work on your ipod. You need to actually visit the site or set up your rss feeds properly for the full enjoyment of hackermedia.

Why isn't there a comments section?
The shows cycle through so fast, comments would never been seen. By using the Binary Revolution forums, discussion about shows can actually be had.

How often does the front page and rss update?
There is a cron job that updates the database that runs every hour.

Why does droops suck so much?
He just does

How can I help out?
Contact droops and see what you can help with. Contact any of the shows and see if they need help.

Who designed and built this really cool website?
Yelsaeb hand coded the entire site, as he is the man. droops redid how the feeds were added to speed up the site and did a few simple changes.Zal91 and DrakeAnubis made the logos and some of the wallpapers, Downer came up with the new hackedmedia logo and some of the wallpapers, Zal91 made some of the tag images, Seal some other graphics and make them highlight. The original site was done by Kizzle, but that only lives on with content. So the real answer is Yelsaeb. If you see him around buy him some beer.

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