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The show has been dormant for some time (years) but its back.

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October 22, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1624: Penguicon 2015 Call for Talks
I am the coordinator for the Tech Track at Penguicon 2015, which is a combined FOSS/Science Fiction convention held every spring in the Metro-Detroit area. The 2015 event will happen April 24-26 at the Westin Hotel in Southfield, MI. The theme for the upcoming year's event is Biotechnology and medicine, looking at how technology is affecting our health and life. But we want a lot of different talks as well, so I will be happy to accept proposals that look at things like cloud computing, security, hardware hacks, and anything else that would be of interest to geeks and hackers. Links:

October 21, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1623: Tech and Coffee at OggCamp
In this episode of interviews from OggCamp 2014 I talk to George Doscher who co-founded (or founded, I really don't know) the Tech and Coffee Google Plus hangout. You'll find him at and on Tech and Coffee under In the second interview I talk to Keith Milner who has some interesting and fairly technical stuff to tell you about mobile networks. He also talks about unencrypted traffic on the carrier networks and why it's even more important for you to use encryption when using the web on your mobile. You find him under

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – October 21st, 2014 – Food Stamp Tacos
Neonlikebjork is to blame for this show filled with food stamp fraud and my near death experience after falling out of a helicopter. Thanks, Neon!

October 20, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1622: An interview with Michael Tiemann

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – October 14th, 2014 – Land Lords and Art Clubs
Holy crap, it's a LIVE show! And it's all thanks to Buster Casey, who is today's show sponsor! Today we call landlords and a bunch of students who signed up for art club at their college.

October 19, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1621: OggCamp Interview with James Tait
In today's show, Philip Newborough interviews James Tait of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. James talks about his work on the now defunct Ubuntu One project, and his current work with Ubuntu Phone. James is a super-nice guy, knowledgeable and very gracious. He was a pleasure to interview.PICTURED: James Tait (right) with Mark Shuttleworth (left). The interview was conducted at OggCamp 14, a free culture unconference, held in Oxford UK on the weekend of October 4th-5th 2014.

October 18, 2014

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – October 18th, 2014 – Smoke Crack and Masterbate
In this Darnell sponsored episode, we trick a water company into poisoning the town's water supply. Thanks for the support, Darnell!

October 16, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1620: Passwords, Entropy, and Good Password Practices
Right now for most of us the key to any security in our online life is the degree of entropy in our passwords. So what is entropy, and how does it affect our passwords? Entropy is in general the degree of randomness or disorder in any given system. Sometimes it is very easy to assess, such as a password of 1234, which all too many people use. Because it is a simple sequence, there is no real randomness at all, and would be quickly guessed. And as we saw in the last tutorial, such passwords are quickly discovered in a dictionary attack. There are things you can do to make it less likely that your password will be cracked and used against you. - For more go to Links:

October 15, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1619: Bare Metal Programming on the Raspberry Pi (Part 1)
This show is about programming on a Raspberry Pi with on operating system or libraries. In this programming environment, the only software that the CPU executes is the software that you write. This episode introduces how to configure the build environment and get a basic application up and running. From here one can leverage these techniques to build more sophisticated applications and deepen ones knowledge of systems programming. Here is some of the source material that I used while working on this little learning experience. dwelch67's bare metal repository The best guide I know on this topic. Very thorough and what I used as my starting point. CATRPI Homepage: Git repo: git:// My own repository of code that I wrote during this little project. Adafruit USB to TTL cable Script to build the ARM toolchain ARM ARM Contains the ARM assembly language as well as chip architecture overview. You'll need the ARM 11 Architecture Reference Manual ARM TRM Contains info about the specific SOC that the Raspberry PI uses RPI Schematics Shows how the Raspberry Pi is wired up RPI Peripherals Describes functionality and programming model for the various Raspberry Pi peripherals.

The Linux Link Tech Show
The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 579
convergence, google, chromium, netflix under linux

October 14, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1618: OggCamp Attendees
This show includes two interviews with OggCamp attendees this year. The first interview is with TDTRS co-host Peter Cannon, who is convinced that his podcast is the best Linux podcast there is and he is sure going to tell you why. In the second interview I talked to Alistair (whose name I hopefully spell correctly), who told me that he would like to be a HPR host himself. So this ist his first appearance on HPR and hopefully not the last.

October 13, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1617: Spaceteam
If this show only confuses you, search the Internet for the Android app Spaceteam, have some friends install it and start playing. To maximize the fun you preferably play in a public place.

October 12, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1616: Howto Use Webfonts
Klaatu reveals the secret of webfonts WITHOUT using Google. How can this be? Listen and find out.

October 09, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1615: 39 - LibreOffice Calc - Inferential Statistics Functions
Inferential statistics is what you do to say that something is likely, or that it is not due to chance, or things of the sort. It goes beyond simply describing what is in the numbers and lets you say something about what the numbers in a sample might mean for the population that generated the sample. There are several type of Inferential Statistics that I want to address in this tutorial, beginning with the idea of a confidence interval. - For more go to

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – October 7th, 2014 – Cactus of Love
Michael Foster is the sponsor of today's show and assumes full responsibility for all the horrible things I do. Thanks, Michael!

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – October 9th, 2014 – Gibbs Slap
This show is sponsored by D. Glad.  It's his fault that I scared the crap out of that poor lady.  Shame on you, D. Glad.  In this episode we call some Comcast customers who complain on Facebook.

October 08, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1614: An Open Source News Break from
In this episode: An open-minded curriculum for K-12 computer education, Karen Sandler on open source's "identity crisis," ChickTech's outreach efforts. Links:

Off the Hook
Off The Hook - Oct 08, 2014

The Linux Link Tech Show
The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 578
Pegnuicon 2014 - Kevin Obrien, linux community, belkin, stellculinary, disney tech

October 07, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1613: What's in a nickname?
How I came to use Inscius as my Internet nickname. Links:

October 06, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1612: Don't Forget the Referbs
NYbill talks about getting a refurbished Lenovo X61 and making it more functional with a tool or two. There is also some talk of PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers). A more in depth explanation of PLC's could be an episode in itself and might be some day. Stay tuned... Pics for the episode: Lenovo after market BIOS. Allows Ctrl-Fn swap in older systems. (Use at your own risk!):

October 05, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1611: HPR Community News for September 2014
New hosts Welcome to our new hosts: Steve Smethurst, 2BFrank, goPhir. Last Month's Shows Id Date Title Host 1586 2014-09-01 HPR Community News for August 2014 HPR Volunteers 1587 2014-09-02 Beginner's guide to the night sky 3 - A wee dot on a dark sky Andrew Conway 1588 2014-09-03 HPR AudioBookClub-09-Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom HPR_AudioBookClub 1589 2014-09-04 KC MakerFair 2014 MrGadgets 1590 2014-09-05 The xfs File System JWP 1591 2014-09-08 The Ultimate Cooking Device PipeManMusic 1592 2014-09-09 An Open Source News Break from semioticrobotic 1593 2014-09-10 Why C++? garjola 1594 2014-09-11 Steam and wine with linux Andrew Conway 1595 2014-09-12 37 - LibreOffice Calc - More Financial Functions Ahuka 1596 2014-09-15 About the Word "Hack" klaatu 1597 2014-09-16 Extravehicular Activity Steve Smethurst 1598 2014-09-17 Hashing and Password Security Ahuka 1599 2014-09-18 Interview with Ingmar Steiner from the MaryTTS project Ken Fallon 1600 2014-09-19 The zfs File System JWP 1601 2014-09-22 Howto Install LAMP klaatu 1602 2014-09-23 An Open Source News Break from semioticrobotic 1603 2014-09-24 GUADEC 2014: Matthew Garrett Interview 2BFrank 1604 2014-09-25 How I Got Into Linux goPhir 1605 2014-09-26 38 - LibreOffice Calc - simple Descriptive Statistics Ahuka 1606 2014-09-29 Howto VNC klaatu 1607 2014-09-30 Migrating from Drupal 6 to Nikola johanv Comments this month There are 27 comments: hpr1604 (2014-09-25) "How I Got Into Linux" by goPhir. Christopher M Hobbs on 2014-09-30:"What a great episode!" hpr1601 (2014-09-22) "Howto Install LAMP" by klaatu. tcuc on 2014-09-22:"Great episode! " Klaatu on 2014-09-29:"The host responds" hpr1599 (2014-09-18) "Interview with Ingmar Steiner from the MaryTTS project" by Ken Fallon. laindir on 2014-09-19:"This is me laughing" Kevin O'Brien on 2014-09-20:"Great show" johanv on 2014-09-22:"Dutch voice" davidWHITMAN on 2014-09-23:"Mary TTS" hpr1598 (2014-09-17) "Hashing and Password Security" by Ahuka. gigasphere on 2014-09-18:"Great episode" Kevin O'Brien on 2014-09-20:"Thank you for the comment" hpr1596 (2014-09-15) "About the Word "Hack"" by klaatu. Ken Fallon on 2014-09-15:"Let everyone be a hacker" Michael on 2014-09-17:"You nailed it!" hpr1594 (2014-09-11) "Steam and wine with linux" by Andrew Conway. johanv on 2014-09-16:"Linux for the kids" FreeLikeGNU on 2014-09-16:"Open Spades" Andrew Conway on 2014-09-20:"[no title]" hpr1593 (2014-09-10) "Why C++?" by garjola. johanv on 2014-09-12:"Very cool" hpr1591 (2014-09-08) "The Ultimate Cooking Device" by PipeManMusic. mordancy on 2014-09-30:"lighting your charcoal chimney" hpr1590 (2014-09-05) "The xfs File System" by JWP. Jonathan on 2014-09-06:"Great Show" hpr1588 (2014-09-03) "HPR AudioBookClub-09-Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom" by HPR_AudioBookClub. Stephen on 2014-09-03:"re the reader" Fifty OneFifty on 2014-09-09:"Cast member areas of the Haunted Mansion Facade" hpr1587 (2014-09-02) "Beginner's guide to the night sky 3 - A wee dot on a dark sky" by Andrew Conway. chalkahlom on 2014-09-05:"[no title]" hpr1569 (2014-08-07) "Many-to-many data relationship howto" by Mike Ray. Ken Fallon on 2014-09-03:"How do you deal with tags" Dave Morriss on 2014-09-03:"Dealing with tags" borgu on 2014-09-04:"[no title]" Mike Ray on 2014-09-04:"Tags" Mike Ray on 2014-09-04:"More about tags" hpr1458 (2014-03-05) "Free Culture and Open Animation" by Seetee. Klaatu on 2014-09-09:"Synfig" hpr1400 (2013-12-13) "How We Use Linux" by Honkeymagoo. Krayon on 2014-09-18:"CalDAV etc" HPR At OggCamp

October 02, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1610: The BTRFS File System
The BTRFS File System

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – October 2nd, 2014 – Snooty Apartment Dwellers
Rand Al'Thor is responsible for every single old person I killed in this episode. Enjoy!

October 01, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1609: Sigil And The Process Of The Epub In FOSS
Here are some links to the software discussed in this episode

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